What is the Center for Praxis in Ministry?


Welcome to the praxis arm of the Palmer Institute. This is your opportunity to link all the theological concepts you have developed with the activities of ministry you will be called upon to perform. The Center for Praxis in Ministry (CPM) provides content and oversight for the experienced based learning component of ministry education. The CPM will be responsible for developing a comprehensive inventory of skills and experiences necessary for ordination on the Metro New York District. In terms of process, each candidate will receive a “Praxis Road Map” when they leave the Assessment weekend. This “road map” will highlight all the experiences the candidate will need to gather before ordination. Many of those experiences will require the participation of a supervisor; others will not. The CPM will be actively involved in monitoring the candidate’s progress during their journey to ordination.

This season of supervised ministry has three major goals:

  1. to help the licensed ministers develop the skills necessary for the pastorate.
  2. to develop the art of continual theological reflection.
  3. and able the licensed ministers to develop their unique ministerial identity.

I look forward to assisting each participant in securing a learning situation that is tailored to their goals and needs. May this indispensable component in your preparation for the future be both enriching for you and for those you serve.