What is the Center for Continuing Education in Ministry?


The Center for Continuing Education in Ministry (CCEM) provides opportunities and resources for pastors on the Metro New York District to develop a personal program of lifelong learning. The CCEM  also provides a system for pastors to record and report their continuing education activities to the general church.


El Centro de continuación de educación en el ministerio (CCEM) ofrece oportunidades y recursos para pastores en el Distrito Metro de Nueva York para desarrollar un programa personal de aprendizaje permanente. El CCEM también proporciona un sistema para que los pastores registren e informen sus actividades de educación continua a la iglesia general.


Director Continuing Education Center

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Welcome! We are excited to introduce you to the Palmer Institute on the Metro NY District! We believe this new endeavor will help champion and solidify the need for every pastor to participate in lifelong learning. We trust that as we partner together, you will be challenged, encouraged, and equipped to meet the growing needs of ministry.  

Philosophy: Lifelong 

Learning should occur prior to, during, and following formal education. Within the institutional programs, the educational approach should stimulate the desire for ongoing education and provide the tools for personal development. Formal education is just another step in a life of educational pursuit. It is imperative for Nazarene ministers to value and to implement growth in skill and in knowledge throughout their ministerial life. Not only is lifelong learning necessary to understand developments within the wider church and the surrounding society, but it is also foundational to increased personal growth, thus preventing stagnation in the spiritual, mental, and skill development of the individual.

John Wesley set all of us a good example as a minister with a lifelong desire for learning.  The Palmer Institute’s Center for Continuing Education is a wonderful new resource for each of us as pastors here on the Metro NY District. I am looking forward to personally being part of this opportunity to grow as a pastor and leader.” - John Bowen, Executive Director,  Palmer Institute

Purpose: Lifelong learning enhances:

  • the development of the minister 
  • the development of young ministers within the congregation
  • the relevant approach of the church to society

Becoming a life long learner is more important today that at any other time in history. As with other disciplines i.e. medicine, education, technology etc., pastors and leaders in the Church either continue to learn and apply what they are learning to real life situations, or they quickly become ineffective and out of date with the changing world.” - Art Alexander, District Superintendent, Metro NY District

Personal Lifelong Learning Program:

As both an ordained minister and a professional, the church expects the minister to develop a program of lifelong learning appropriate to his or her own developmental and professional needs. The lifelong learning expectations of the Church of the Nazarene are built on the assumptions of adult learning rather than education designed for children and youth.

This means the church expects the minister to be self-directed and self-motivated in his or her learning. A variety of learning opportunities will be available, but it must be the minister’s vision and drive for improving stewardshipof ministry that shapes the individual program.

Reporting Lifelong Learning:

All assigned and unassigned licensed and ordained ministers shall report on their progress in a program of lifelong learning as part of their report to the district assembly. An up-to-date report on his or her lifelong learning program will be used in the church/pastoral review process and in the process of calling a pastor

For the minister to be effective throughout a lifetime of service, there must be a commitment to lifelong learning.” - Nazarene Manual 424.6

The Center for Continuing Education is committed to providing, for the pastors and leaders on the Metro New York District, opportunities to continue their education and learning experience through annual events,  one day workshops, seminars, and partnering with local churches for events.

Purpose Statement: 

To inspire, encourage, and equip pastors with lifelong learning opportunities.  

Vision Statement:

Be a leader.       Be a learner.